Someone sent me a note asking "what do you miss about not being at home". A timely question, as the cooler weather we've had the last few days reminds me so much of home.

I miss snuggling with my wife and kids on the couch on fall days. That's the biggest thing I'm missing right now. We are truly well provided for here on base. Pretty much anything I need and most things I would want are here. Except for family. That's the big thing. I miss not seeing my little ones trick or treat and I'll miss not having them around the table or seeing them open gifts at Christmas. But the reunion will be a great day. And it is not that far away. Yes, all service members pay a price being away from home, but there is a great reward. I rest more comfortable knowing they are safe back home because we are on the line here. I believe in what we are accomplishing here and elsewhere in teh world. Romans 13 talks of how the government holds the sword to keep evil in check. This is how I see our mission. There is a price, but the reward is worth the price. For a short time apart, my family, my friends, and my loved ones are safer and my nation continues to enjoy the liberty that allows by brother and sister Christians to gather, worship, and proclaim the mercy of Christ.