Thank God for Chocolate

I will never make fun of using chocolate for comfort food again. My wife sent me some homemade chocolate marshmallow fudge - exquisite stuff. It is more highly desired than any military decoration. It has been used to lift the spirits of wounded personnel and even to bribe a young man and woman into singing for our tree lighting ceremony. Last night, following a round of rockets that came a little too close to my location for comfort, we had a fudge fest and finished off the batch. Myself and my chaplain assistant, two cops, and two logistics people had a great time enjoying the remainder of that fudge.

Have to say, last night was the first time I felt at risk. I was outside exposed and they dropped a little close. I heard the little boom of launch, the whistle as it flew through the air and the whuump of impact as the concussion waved rolled over us. A friend from the Army was with me. We both heard the launch and travel at the same time and started tell our folks to hit the ground, which they did in quite an expert manner. The area around us rattled, but not the people. Professional and dedicated doing what was correct to do -- I'm proud of each one from the youngest airman to the oldest experienced veteran.

And some of us who gathered later -- are especially thankful for a taste of home -- Debbie's homemade chocolate fudge.

By the way honey, I figure you will check this when you get home from visting my family for Thanksgiving -- I love you. Send more! ;)